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Turning Your Rooftop into a Solar Power Plant

If energy costs are taking a bite out of your operating budget, you’re not alone. Utility rates have been climbing for years and experts predict the trend will continue. As a facility owner or a manager who’s looking for a way to control energy costs – a rooftop solar power plant might be the answer.

Green Power: How Does it Work?

Adding a solar rooftop system to your facility is a sustainable energy option that can produce some or all of your building’s energy needs. North American Roofing’s clients can choose off-grid solar arrays that produce energy in remote or isolated areas, or grid-tie systems that integrate with existing utilities.

A rooftop solar power plant features solar panels that collect free energy, via the sun’s rays, and convert it into DC power. Inverters then change the DC power to AC power, making it suitable for use in your facility. If you choose a grid-tie system, power produced in excess of what your facility uses, transfers to the electric grid. Depending on the wattage of your solar roofing system and your energy usage, there may be times when your electric meter spins backwards, crediting your utility account.

In addition to generating power, the panels block harsh rays from the top of your building’s roof, reducing heat absorption and consequently, your cooling costs.

Today’s Solar Panels

Today’s high-quality solar panels feature safety glass that resists surface impact and tolerates extreme weather situations such as heavy snow loads and harsh UV rays without warping or weakening. Designed to offer years of energy-producing performance, today’s panels are even suitable for areas that regularly experience high winds and other diverse weather conditions.

Years of rigorous electrical, thermographic and mechanical load testing in the laboratory, and in the field, have resulted in superior-quality panels that are as durable as they are efficient. If you haven’t checked out solar panels in a while, you might be surprised to learn that today’s panels are also fire and chemical resistant.

The Next Step

Installing a rooftop solar array isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; every facility is different. North American Roofing’s Energy Services Group specializes in integrated roofing systems and offers individualized solar solutions to fit your specific needs. We design and install high-caliber solar arrays that provide extraordinary performance and the best financial return for your energy investment dollar. North American Roofing’s solar installation teams are among the most experienced in the industry and we have a proven record of success.

Give us a call today at 866-567-2064 to find out more about turning your rooftop into a solar power plant.

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